Join Us – Become a Reviewer for Dream Read Repeat!

IMAGE TEXT: Do you love to read? Have you ever wanted a place to put your reviews but didn’t want the hassle of running a blog, or the social media seems out of reach? Or maybe you already have a Bookstagram but want to pair your pretty photos with your thoughts on your books.

Dream Read Repeat is a place for part-time book bloggers. Literally, we have team members who contribute 5+ book reviews a month and others that contribute 3-4 books reviews a year, and both are welcome at DRR.

What does it take to be a Dreamer?

  1. Be willing to write honest, thoughtful reviews of the books you read (no limits on genre, age market, or format)
  2. Be willing to engage with the DRR team on Discord to coordinate
  3. Be willing to provide photos to go along with your reviews
  4. Work through the Google Drive infrastructure
  5. Be 16 years of age or older
  6. Fluent, written English (does not have to be your 1st language)