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Welcome to Dream Read Repeat. You may be wondering who is behind the reviews, the Instagram, the Twitter posts, and all the great things you’re finding attached to our name. Simple, we are a collective of book enthusiasts engaging in the book community under a shared name.

We met through the Witchlanders, a group of people celebrating and promoting Susan Dennards awesome Witchlands books. We wanted to expand our love for bookish content, but knew that we would be better off in numbers to be able to sustain consistency and varied content. So, here we are!

We all knew that, on our own, we’d likely never reach an audience and struggle with consistency. However, there is strength in numbers. So while one person is dealing with finals, or another is chauffeuring their children to sports practice, there’s another that’s finishing the latest release and ready to squeal their delight to the world.

This means that we will cover a wide variety of genres, reading levels, and time periods – the flavors of our reviews will range as widely as our members! We may or may not agree on different books, but that’s what makes this fun.

Welcome to our blog, to our project. We hope you join us on this journey.

Meet the dreamers


I am a writer, a reader,
a fangirl, a dreamer,
sarcastic all the way,
and fantastic every day.

Favorite genres
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology, (Paranormal) Romance

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Instagram: @life_of_a_bookdragon
Twitter: @storytellersbym
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I’m a Hufflepuff, gamer, supporter of the Starks, and completely obsessed with Disney. I grew up in the southwest and now live in the northeast. My favorite book genre is fantasy, but I occasionally read books in other genres. I can be bribed with ice cream and/or the middle of brownies (hold the edges please).

Favorite genres
Fantasy, Science Fiction

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/72597990-renee

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As I write this, I’m tempted to make it in the third person, but I suppose that’s the first thing to know about me: I’m not usually one to talk about myself. As a transplant to the Great Lakes region of the United States, I often find myself escaping into books to process my life. Let’s not kid ourselves, the real world can be a scary (or boring) place, so I tend to take my fiction with a side of magic, or at least a healthy dose of escapism. Expect to see me writing reviews for both science fiction and fantasy YA but also, adhering to my personal mission to read broadly, books that I selected at random from my library’s offerings.

Favorite genres
Mystery, Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor

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Instagram: @Onagonal
Twitter: @Inopinion
Tumblr: @Inopinion
Goodreads: In-My-Humble-Opinion

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I devour books. Between three kids, teaching, writing stories about the people in my head, and eating as many baked goods as I can, books help keep me sane. My favorite genres include YA/NA fantasy and sci-fi, but I’m also a huge fan of the classics and anything that features complex characters and/or the enemies-to-lovers trope.

Favorite genres
Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology

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WordPress: Lesliearambula.wordpress.com
Instagram: @authorlarambula
Twitter: @leslie_arambula

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Author, librarian, fangirl – not always in that order.
I read manga like I drink diet Coke – every day, all the time.

Favorite genres
Thriller, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Mythology, Romance

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Instagram: @superpurry
Twitter: @catfriends

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Charsier (Beck)

I started my love for reading in Primary School back in the 90’s, and would really enjoy when MS readathons came up, since I would time myself reading. I was allowed into the teachers section of the library too. (I may have read a horror novel one time.) I’m pretty in love with magic, and human/fae human/alien sort of books. (Magic user partner etc) I’m more into Mass Effect than Dragon Age, but more into WoW than Starcraft. I play DnD with my family on Monday nights, and I am a parent. I draw, and I’m writing my own book (slowly) . She/her/they/them. Bi and Intersex.

Favorite genres
Thrillers, Contemporary, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror

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Twitter: @charsierism
Instagram: @charsierism
Tumblr: charsierart and charsie-spoopy-dragon



I am an avid reader, YouTube creator, and a self-published author. Fox is my spirit animal. I spend my days juggling a corporate job, two teaching jobs, a dozen or so of social media accounts, a blog, and a YT channel. Desperately wishing for a Time-Turner. Permanently glued to my iPhone. Invisible illnesses are real. #DiversityLove Who needs sleep?

Favorite genres
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology

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Instagram: @foxcloudsblog
Twitter: @foxcloudsblog ;
Personal blog: http://foxclouds.com

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I’m a Gryffindor, an occasional writer, and a lover of stories. My favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi but I enjoy venturing out into all sorts of genres from time to time. When I’m not reading (or watching movies/television or playing games) I’m most likely to be found playing one of my three instruments (piano, viola, harp) or drowning in a pile of grad school homework.

Favorite genres
Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology

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Instagram: @higher.further
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Natasha is a middle school librarian who fully recognizes her TBR will only grow exponentially. Talking books with anyone is her favorite pastime, though she did start exercising while listening to audiobooks so she could be “health conscious.” When not reading or talking books, Natasha spends time with her two kids and family, picking up various hobbies before ultimately abandoning them because they inevitably cut into her reading time. She hopes to travel one day to the UK, and Europe, but figures for now Epcot is the closest she’ll get for a long time.

Favorite genres
Mystery, Thrillers, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mythology, Romance, Humor

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Instagram: @thelewview
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Former Dreamers

Off to another land of Nod, but no less appreciated


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Sifa Poulton

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Finja Marie

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